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Peer-Review Criteria

1. Scientific quality of the paper
1.1. Ethics (plagiarism, fraud, conflict of interest)*
*) If the reviewer notes this item by YES, this criterion becomes eliminatory, considering that the author has seriously infringed the ethics, regarding the plagiarism / intellectual fraud.

1.2. Scientific Relevance (theoretical and/or practical) on the field with potential or actual applications)
1.4. Bibliographic Resources (20-25 titles; relevant, new)
1.5. Thematic Framing of the papers in the Journal profile (electrical engineering, electronics, automatics)

2. Quality of the editorial content
2.1. Conformity of the paper structure (according to the template):
2.2. Figures and tables (pertinent, clear, short; titles correctly written)
2.3. Citations (pertinent, short)
2.4. Style (clarity, concision, accuracy, logical errors, ambiguities, wrong concepts)
2.5. Language (correct; adequate terminology)

Comments, recommendations, and remarks