2021 | vol. 69 | nr. 2 | art. 9

Reliability and Failures of Electronic Components /Systems

Titu-Marius I. BÄ‚JENESCU
The typical bathtub curve and its “standard” shape have been widely accepted as an engineering tool in reliability management and training. The paper is not only focused on the performance at different periods but trying to reveal some in-depth considerations regarding service life and reliability, defect and failure, failure categories and classifications, failure mechanisms, factors favouring electronic systems failures, the process problems, or the passivation layer.
Keywords: bath-tub curve, service life, reliability, defect, failure, failure mechanisms
To cite this article: BÄ‚JENESCU I. Titu-Marius, “Reliability and Failures of Electronic Components /Systems”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2021, vol. 69, no. 2, pp. 76-82, ISSN 1582-5175.