2021 | vol. 69 | nr. 2 |

05-12 Wind-Solar-Hydrogen Hybrid Energy Control Strategy Considering Delayed Power of Hydrogen Production
Authors: Zheng Li, Yan Qin, Xin Cao, Shaodong Hou, Hexu Sun
13-20 Offshore Wind Energy Integration using Photovoltaic Systems and Batteries as Smoothing Devices
Authors: MALOUM Hakima, BENDAHMANE Boukhalfa NICHITA Cristian, ADLI Mouloud
21-30 Energy Management System for Hybrid Microgrids
Authors: Nasreddine ATTOU, Sid-Ahmed ZIDI, Mohamed KHATIR, Samir HADJERI
31-44 Environment Influence on Lifetimes of Power Transformers
Authors: NOTINGHER Petru, STANCU Cristina, DRĂGAN Ionuț, ISSEDOU BEI Maaya
45-52 Electromagnetic Stimulation of Microbial Activity in Wastewater Treatment: Experimental Equipment
Authors: Attila TOKOS, Monica JIPA, Virgil MARINESCU, Csaba BARTHA, Alina-Ruxandra CARAMITU, Iosif LINGVAY
53-58 Miniaturisation of Electronic Components and the Problem of Device Overheating
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
59-67 Emission Security Risks for Representative Types of Compromising Signals
Authors: POPESCU Mircea, PINTILIE Constantin, PINTEA Jana, BARTUSICA Razvan
68-75 Observability and Observer Design of a Class of Switched Linear Systems
Authors: Noureddine GAZZAM, Kaouthar HADDADI, Atallah BENALIA
76-82 Reliability and Failures of Electronic Components/Systems
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
83-91 Rearranged Descriptor Approach based on Radon Transform to Digits Recognition
Authors: Hassane BECHAR, Abdelhafid BESSAID, Mahammed MESSADI
92-101 DeLone and McLean Model of Academic Information System Success
Authors: UMAROH Sofia, BARMAWI Mira Musrini