2020 | vol. 68 | nr. 2 |

05-13 A Bi-Directional DC/DC Converter for Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System
Authors: Baoge Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Donghao Wang, Ping Li, Yao Rong
14-22 Minimization of Switching Losses of Boost Converters
Authors: GATTAL Azzeddine, SOUFI Youcef, LACHOURI Abdrezak, MAAMRI Mahmoud
23-31 Multi-Objective Optimization Design of Permanent Magnet Spherical Motor based on PSO-BP Neural Network
Authors: Xiwen Guo, Ronglin Zhang, Qunjing Wang, Yan Wen, Nengwei Gong
32-40 Comparative Computations on Supplied and Lost Energy utilizing Numerical Integrations
Authors: WALUYO, Kania SAWITRI, Fitrasari HAMLAR
41-48 Hybrid Real-Time Simulator for Setting of Automatic Secondary Frequency and Active Power Control
Authors: Ruslan UFA, Aleksey VASILIEV, Nikolay RUBAN1, Vladimir RUDNIK
49-59 An Adjustment Scheme of Rewarding and Penalizing Electricity Charges considering unbalanced Responsibility
Authors: Changjun Tuo, Mingxing Tian, Lijun Sun, Jun Li
60-72 The Impact of Direct Normal Irradiation on the Solar Tower Power Plant Performance based on Real and Satellite Data: Analysis on Algerian Regions
Authors: ROUIBAH Abdelkader, BENAZZOUZ Djamel, KOUZOU Ahmed Lakhdar, HAFAIFA Ahmed
73-84 Public Transportation Identification System in Prohibited Areas based on Traffic Signs using Image Processing
Authors: Youllia Indrawaty NURHASANAH, Afriyanti Dwi KARTIKA, Novi NUR’AINI
85-92 Bidirectional Video Visible Light Communication
Authors: Arsyad Ramadhan DARLIS, Lita LIDYAWATI, Raden Jati TRIKUSUMO
93-101 Fuzzy LSSVC-WKNN Combination Algorithm in Fault Diagnosis
Authors: Sheng Sun, Chuiwei Lu, Guojun Zhang
104-111 A Method based on the Embedded Control for the Third Order Rubik’s Cube Robot
Authors: Qun Yin, Jianbo Zhang, Gu Ji, Meisu Yin, Yunsheng Xu
Agricultural Machinery Movement Navigation System based on Binocular Vision Detection Technology 
Authors: Chengcheng Wang, Yaqiu Liu, Peiyu Wang