2020 | vol. 68 | nr. 1 |

05-11 Overvoltages due to Single-Phase-to-Ground and Double-Phase Faults on a 20 kV Feeder
Authors: WALUYO, Siti SAODAH, Febriany Kalatiku SARANGA
12-20 Signal Analysis-based Diagnosis Method for Multi-Level Flying Capacitor Converter under Open-Circuit Fault
Authors: Thiziri BEN ALI, Abdellah KOUZOU, Ahmed HAFAIFA, Ali TETA
21-27 Manufacturing, Encapsulation and Reliability of Micro- and Nano-Sensors
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
28-36 Electromagnetic Shielding Performance of a Metallic Enclosure with Apertures
Authors: Hakim AZIZI, Mohammed CHEBOUT, Hocine MOULAI, Arnaud BRÉARD, Christian VOLLAIRE
37-44 Photovoltaic System Penetration on Voltage Profile, System Loss and Transmission Line Power Flow
Author: Rohollah Abdollahi
45-58 The Influence of Solar Radiation on the Lifetimes of Power Transformers
Authors: Maaya Isseydou BEY, Petru V. NOŢINGHER, Cristina STANCU
59-67 Measurement of Transformer Core Loss based on Low-Frequency Triangular Wave
Authors: Xuejun Chen, Ning Yang, Yongming Yang
68-75 Analysis of Magneto-Thermal-Solid Coupling Field in a Deflectable Double-Stator SRG
Authors: Zheng Li, Lei Du, Xin Wang, Liping Zhang, Qunjing Wang
76-86 Optimal PMUs Placement to ensure Power System Observability under Various Contingencies
Authors: Abdelkader Azzeddine LAOUID, Ridha Djamal MOHAMMEDI, Mohamed Mounir REZAOUI, Abdellah KOUZOU
89-97 Synthesis of unknown Inputs PI and PMI Observers for Takagi-Sugeno augmented Models applied on a Manipulator Arm
Authors: Abdelghani DJEDDI, Youcef SOUFI, Salah CHENIKHER, Abdelaziz AOUICHE
98-106 Sustainable and Cost-Effective Configuration of Street Lighting System
Authors: Haffaf AZIZ, Fatiha LAKDJA, Rachid MEZIANE, Ould Abdeslam DJAFFAR