Vol. 60 | nr. 4 | October - December 2012 Article 14

Efficient Lighting System with CFL's Electric Circuit based on Integrated Circuit IRS2168D
(full text in Romanian)

Nicolae GOLOVANOV, Constantin IVANOVICI, Ionel POPA, Radu PORUMB, Elena ŢIPU
This paper reviews the possibility of using specialized integrated circuit IRS2168D to create an electronic ballast for high frequency supply of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) with power range of 15•••105 W. The proposed scheme enables the improvement of main electric characteristics of lamps, such as electric current waveform, THDI factor, power factor, power imput and electromagnetic compatibility. A feasibility study was also developed, on the possibility of domestic manufacturing of such lamps, and placing them into a competitive market.
Keywords: electronic ballasts, compact fluorescent lamp, specialized integrated circuit, luminous efficiency, power factor