Vol. 58 | nr. 2 | April - June 2010 Article 9

Lamps of Metal Halides and Electronic Ballasts Used for the Public Lighting

(text integral în limba română)
Gheorghe GHIUR, Radu PORUMB, Constantin IVANOVICI, Ionel POPA, Daniel Emilian DOBRESCU, Ion VĂCĂRESCU


Development of a good quality public lighting represents a requirement, both social and economic, by adopting the best technical solutions for the increase of the lighting installations power efficiency. The recommended lighting level is established based on some technical-economic studies by comparing the lighting installation cost and the indirect losses due to the social costs, accidents and aggressions in the night-time. The reduction of the lighting level under the recommended values generates a rapid increase of the indirect losses, so that the electric power saving necessary to the lighting systems cannot be obtained by reducing the lighting level, but it can be obtained only by using highly efficient lighting installations which are able to ensure the adequate lighting level.

Keywords: outdoor electric lighting, discharge lamps, sodium vapour lamps, metal halides lamps, metal halides lamps, mercury vapour lamps