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05-16  Brushless DC Permanent Magnet Motors State of the Art; Ovidiu CRAIU, Leonard Marius MELCESCU, Cristian BOBOC
17-25  Weight Coefficient Setting of Current Predictive Control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine using HPSO; Yinhang Luo, Fengyang Gao, Kaiwen Yang
26-34  Analysis and Design of Oil Cooling Structure in Motor Shaft of New Energy Vehicle, Xuejun Chen, Lin Ma, Jun Shen
35-42  Lightweight Design of Patch Plate on Car-body B-pillar based on Side Impact Safety; Wei Zhang
43-49  A Hybrid Model of Photovoltaic Power Stations for Model Ling Tasks of Large Power Systems; Nikolay RUBAN, Vladimir RUDNIK, Igor RAZZHIVIN, Anton KIEVEC
50-58  Power Quality Enhancement in Four-Wire Systems under different distributed Energy Resource Penetrations; ELBAR Mohamed, MERZOUK Imad, BEALDEL Abdelkader, REZAOUI Mohamed Mounir, IRATNI Abdelhamid, HAFAIFA Ahmed
59-65  Non-intrusive Load Identification Method based on SAGOA-GMM Algorithm; Zheng Li, Wei Feng, Ze Wang, He Chen
66-71  Status and Trends of Power Devices; Titu-Marius I. BAJENESCU
74-86  Reliability and Availability Study of a Gas Turbine based on usual Approaches with a Failure Mode Analysis; Ahmed Zohair DJEDDI, Ahmed HAFAIFA, Abdelhamid IRATNI
87-94  Facial Emotions Recognition in Machine Learning; Radu-Daniel BOLCAS, Diana DRANGA
95-102  Artificial Intelligence Enhancements in the field of Functional Verification; Diana DRANGA, Radu-Daniel BOLCAS