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05-10   Wind Power Plants Influence on Out-Of-Step Operation Mode Parameters of the Power System; Nikolay RUBAN, Alisher ASKAROV, Igor RAZZHIVIN, Ruslan UFA
11-18   Wind Deflector Design and Wake Characteristics of New Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Renewable Power Generation; Zheng Li, Menghai Gao, Liyuan Cheng, Wenda Zhang, Hexu Sun
19-29   The Hydro Plants as Optimal Solution for Efficient Conversion Energy in Black Sea Environmental Conditions; Victor STOICA, Dorian MARIN
30-36   The Energy Efficiency of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Processes: Case Analysis; Csaba BARTHA, Monica JIPA, Daniela Maria IGNAT, Attila TÓKOS, Iosif LINGVAY
37-43   The Electric Connectors in the Digitized World; Titu-Marius I. BAJENESCU
44-50   “mBH”, Efficient Device for Measuring Static B-H Relationships of Ferromagnetic Materials; Catalin Ionut GRUMEZA, Paul Cristian ANDREI, Mihai-Eugen MARIN, Paul MINCIUNESCU, Mihai MARICARU, Ioan Florea HAN?ILA, Stelian MARINESCU
51-58   Electromagnetic Compatibility of a Shielded Enclosure in the Presence of Conducted Perturbations; Gabriela IOSIF, Jana PINTEA, Cristian MORARI, George SUCIU, Ana PETRACHE, Vlad BREZOIANU
59-65   Distribution of Magnetic Field and Exposure Level Around of Overhead Power Lines; Eleonora DARIE, Lucian PISLARU-DANESCU
66-73   Trajectory Planning of Multi-dimensional Actuator based on Improved S-shaped Velocity Curve; Xiwen Guo, Siao Wu, Qunjing Wang, Yan Wen, Tao Wu
74-79   Reliability Trends of New ICs Generations; Titu-Marius I. BAJENESCU
80-89   Computer-Added System Selecting the Sub-Optimal Model of the Control Object; Krzysztof S. KULA, Mostefa MOHAMED-SEGHIR
90-97   Real-time Implementation of a Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Controller for a DC-DC Boost Converter; Rabah DAOUADI, Djamel OUNASS, Youcef SOUFI, Abdrezak METATLA, Dhaouadi GUIZA
100-106  Complex System for Earthquake Prediction and Protection of Gas Installations; Victorin Emilian TOADER, Ovidiu CIOGESCU, Andrei MIHAI, Daniel LINGVAY, Adriana BORS, Iosif LINGVAY