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01-11 Human Subjects Protection by Monitoring the Stabilized Supply Voltages of the Medical Equipment; PISLARU-DANESCU Lucian, ZARNESCU George-Claudiu, STOICA Victor 

12-21 Diagnosis Method for Multiple Compensation Capacitor Faults of Jointless Track Circuit; Wang Qianqian, Liu Weili, Tang Minan, Zhang Kaiyue

22-34 Modelling and Numerical Simulation of an Ultrasonic Piezo-Motor based on Piezoelectric Properties of Pb(1-x)Srx(Ti0,48Zr0,52)(1-y)NbyO3 Ceramics; PISLARU-DANESCU Lucian, FUIOREA Ion, DUMITRU Alina Iulia, FLORE Lica, POPESCU Ionel, CHIHAIA Rares-Andrei

35-46 Power FETs: Failure Analysis (FA) and Reliability Analysis (RA); BAJENESCU I. Titu-Marius
47-56 Electrical Breakdown of Oil-Impregnated Pressboard under AC and DC Voltages Ramp; LAIFAOUI Abdelkrim, HERZINE Mohand-Seghir, AIT SAID Hakim, REBOUL Jean-Michel


59-68 Implementation of Mean of Maximum on Cigarette Smoke Control in a Room; NURHASANAH Youllia Indrawaty, BARMAWI Mira Musrini, PRAKARSA Ramsza