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01-08  Quality and Evolution of Electronic Components
Titu-Marius I. BÃJENESCU
09-17  Automatic Driving Research of Cloud Model High-Speed Train based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Zhengsheng Qi, Bohong Liu, Li Song, Yunlong Jia
19-27  Cable Steady-State Ampacity Correction Method based on Multi Physical Field Coupling Algorithm
Dongliang Sun, Qunhua Dong
29-36  Improve Supply Manifold Pressure of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell by using of Reset Control
Jie Gao, Hai Gu, Yuwei Yang, Ping Yuan
37-45  A Target Localization Method based on Optimized Newton Algorithm for MIMO Radar
Ding Yang, Meng Han, Yutong Xi, Yuan Liu, Weijia Yu
47-55  5G Hybrid System Design and Energy Efficient Resource Allocation Deployment
Feng Hu, Andong Chen, Hexing Yang, Hongliu Zhang
57-65  Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization of a Novel Fractional Order Chaotic System with an Exponential Term
Xiuwei Fu, Li Fu, Hashem Imani Marrani
67-75  Evaluation of the VLSS-LMS Method Parameters’ Influence on the Effective Estimation of Power System Current and Voltage Harmonics Content
Fatiha BESSINE, Abdellah KOUZOU, Abdelghani CHOUCHA, Ratiba RABEHI