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03-12  Properties of High Efficiency Nanostructured Copper Indium Gallium Selenide Thin Film Solar Cells; MOSTEFA KARA Selma, BENMANSOUR Abdelhalim
13-22  Modelling and Analysis of Power Performance of Electric Drive System of Micro Electric Car; Xingzhi Hu
23-30  Shunt Active Power Filter Performances based on Seven-level NPC Inverter using Fuzzy and LS-PWM Control Scheme; CHENNAI Salim
31-38  Distribution Network Reconfiguration Method based on Adaptive Multi Population Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm; Kaiyue Zhang, Minan Tang, Qianqian Wang, Peihua Zhou
39-50  Induction Heating Stove Prototype of 130 kHz using Arduino Uno; WALUYO, SUSANA Ratna, KURNIADI M. Robbie
51-59  Electronics: The Innovation Driver of the Automotive Industry; Titu-Marius I. BAJENESCU
61-70  Automatic Correcting Mathematics Operating System based on AI; Jianbo Zhang, Qun Yin, Duan Peng-Fei Xianyun Zhang, Meisu Yin
73-83  Dynamic Optimization Strategy of Large Airport Cargo Location based on Virus Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm; Jiandong Qiu, Kaiyue Zhang, Minan Tang
85-94  Student Attendance Analysis and Statistics Platform based on Capture Recognition Technology; Jianbo Zhang, Qun Yin, Duan Peng-Fei, Meisu Yin