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05-10    Performance Analysis of Brushless Motors with Segmented Cores considering Manufacturing Constraints; DUMITRU Andrei, VARATICEANU Bogdan, MINCIUNESCU Paul
11-19    Comparative Analysis of Line-start Synchronous Motor and Asynchronous Motor; SARAC Vasilija
20-28    Smart Energy Management and Monitoring System for Public Lighting System based on Photovoltaic and Storage Systems; ZERARI Houssam, MESSIKH Lotfi, KOUZOU Abdellah, OUCHTATI Salim
29-37    Anti–Drag Braking Control Technology for Electric Drive Dump Truck; Xingzhi Hu
38-46    Analysis of Multi-Phase qZ-Source Inverter with Maximum Constant Boost Control Technique; CHARRAK Naas, KOUZOU Abdallah, KHAlDI Belgacem Said, NEZLI Lazhri
47-54    Diagnosis of Fault in Doubly-Fed Three-Phase Induction Generator in Wind Power Applications; HOCINE Amina, GAZZAM Noureddine, BENALIA Atallah
55-62    Signal Conditioning provided by Sensitive Elements of Electric Bioimpedance Sensors; PISLARU-DANESCU Lucian, STOICA Victor, TELIPAN Gabriela
63-73    Harmonic Coil Magnetic Measurement System for HESR Magnets: A Mathematical Model and Design; CHIRITA Ionel, TANASE Nicolae, ILIE Cristinel, POPA Marius
74-80    Reliability Problems of Micro-Electronic Encapsulations; BAJENESCU I. Titu-Marius
83-91    Influence of Corona Discharge on CaSO4 Solubility of Silicone Rubber Insulator Surface; Sihua Wang, Junjun Wang, Long Chen, Lei Zhao
92-101  Complex System for Earthquake Prediction, Warning and Local Assessment of Seismic Events; LINGVAY Iosif, TOADER Victorin Emilian, CIOGESCU Ovidiu, BORS Adriana, MIHAI Andrei