2020 | vol. 68 | nr. 4 | art. 13

Complex System for Earthquake Prediction and Protection of Gas Installations

Victorin Emilian TOADER, Ovidiu CIOGESCU, Andrei MIHAI, Daniel LNGVAY, Adriana BORȘ, Iosif LINGVAY
In order to prevent explosions and fires caused by the ignition of uncontrolled gas leaks from damaged pipes following some devastating earthquakes, a complex system for earthquake prediction and protection of gas installations has been designed. The designed system ensures both the acquisition of data on local precursor parameters (evolution of radon emanations, evolution of earth's crust temperature, etc.) and local intensities of seismic events. Their transmission for processing to the national seismic dispatcher, thus contributing to a better knowledge in the earth physics field and implicitly to increase the accuracy of seismic predictions as well as 3D measurement of the local intensity of tectonic movements. In the case of seismic events with dangerous local intensity (above a pre-imposed, programmable threshold) the control signal is generated for the closure of gases by specialized aquatics (electrovalves mounted in front of the gas regulation/measurement block of the protected buildings). The system also ensures the take over and display of the information package about the state (closed / open) of the electrovalves mounted in front of the gas regulation / measurement block of the protected buildings. The 3D vibration transducer and the temperature transducer for the data acquisition system are mounted in a 40 m deep drilled well and the radon one on the surface (in the protection and visiting chimney of the well with transducers). Representative images regarding the realization/implementation of the system are presented. Compared to the known alert systems, the designed system requires little space for implementation and provides a number of advantages, such as: providing information on the evolution of precursor parameters of seismic movements in a given locality to the national seismic dispatcher, the level of knowledge in the field of Earth physics and the predictability of earthquakes; local validation of the intensity of tectonic movements in 3D and automatic closing in real time, without human intervention, of the gas connections in case of exceeding a pre-established dangerous threshold; revention of explosions and devastating fires following the damage of gas installations due to major earthquakes in a given locality (where the system is implemented), especially in public institutions, schools, boarding schools, hospitals, old people's homes, etc.
Keywords: earthquake, precursors, gas networks, fire, explosions, protections
To cite this article: TOADER V.E., CIOGESCU O., MIHAI A., LNGVAY D., BORȘ A., LINGVAY I., “Complex System for Earthquake Prediction and Protection of Gas Installations”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2020, vol. 68, no. 4, pp. 100-106, ISSN 1582-5175