2020 | vol. 68 | nr. 3 | art. 3

Modelling and Simulation of a Brushless Motor DC for Electric Power Steering Assistance

Daniela CIOBOATĂ, Mihăiță Gabriel NEACŞU, Dănuț STANCIU, Silviu Ștefan MATEI, Irina NEACŞU
This paper presents an approach to develop a brushless DC motor to assist an electric power steering. Optimal design for electric power steering system implies the adequate selection of topology, technology, sizes and control algorithm. This paper briefly describes the electric power steering system structure, the most used topologies of electric power steering and the advantages of using brushless DC motors for electric power steering assistance. An electric power steering architecture is proposed. The method of design the brushless DC motor for this electric power steering is presented. Design of the brushless DC motor was based on the analysis of the requirements of the EPS systems, analysis of the control methods, modelling and simulation in MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation for six various conditions are presented and analysed for optimal sizing of the electric motor. An experimental model of the designed motor has been manufactured for validation.
Keywords: Simulation analysis, Brushless motor, Electric Power Steering, Permanent magnets, Optimal Design, Control methods
To cite this article: CIOBOATĂ D., NEACȘU M.G., STANCIU D., MATEI S.Șt., NEACȘU I., “Modelling and Simulation of a Brushless DC Motor for Electric Power Steering Assistance”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2020, vol. 68, no. 3, pp. 22-31, ISSN 1582-5175.