2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 4 |

05-11 Research on Capacity Allocation and Control of Elevator Hybrid Energy Storage Device
Authors: Jiawei Lin, Zhixin Wang, Junyao Chen, Sheng Yan, Chengmin Wang
12-19 A New Technique for Photovoltaic System Efficiency under Fast Changing Solar Irradiation
Authors: Abdellatif MAHAMMEDI, Abdellah KOUZOU, Ahmed HAFAIFA, Billel TALBI
20-27 Factor Identification Constraining the Development of Renewable Energy in Russia
Authors: Yana MALKOVA, Ruslan UFA, Vladimir RUDNIK, Nikolay RUBAN, Anton KIEVETS
28-34 Hybrid Mathematical Model of Wind Turbine for Assessment of Wind Generation Impact on Transients in Power Systems
Authors: Igor RAZZHIVIN, Aleksey SUVOROV, Anton KIEVETS, Alisher ASKAROV
35-40 Implementation of Curtain Blind Rolling Automation using PLC
Authors: WALUYO, Andre WIDURA, Yudithia Agustiawan SURYADI, Nasrun HARIYANTO
41-49 Composite Materials with Electric/Magnetic Properties for Electromagnetic Shielding
Authors: Cristian MORARI, Mihai BĂDIC
50-57 Magnetic Field Distribution from a Transformer Substation of 1600 kVA, 20/0.4 kV and the Occupational Exposure Implications
Authors: Eleonora DARIE, Lucian PÎSLARU-DĂNESCU
58-63 Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
64-74 SCADA based Wireless Online Monitoring Assessment of Building Rooms on Illuminance, Temperature and HumidiAy
Authors: WALUYO, Andre WIDURA
75-84 Automatic Re-Ranking in Clip Matching of Stereoscopic Video based on Clustering and Density
Authors: Fengfeng Duan, Jiaojiao Lu
87-96  An Image Segmentation Algorithm based on LSM with Stochastic Constraint applied to Computed Tomography Images
Authors: Messaouda LARBI, Zoubeida MESSALI, Ahmed HAFAIFA, Abdellah KOUZOU, Tarek Fortaki