2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 2 | art. 7

Trajectory Tracking of Rigid-Flexible Manipulator based on LMI Optimization Approach

Ehsan Badfar, Rohollah Abdollahi
Recently, flexible links have been extensively employed in the robot industry. These links possesse many advantages over traditional bulky manipulator including high payload-to-arm weight ratio, faster motion, safer operation, improved mobility, low cost and better energy efficiency. However, these advantages lead to the increase of the link elasticity that significantly complicates the control of manipulator. In this paper, after a short overview of governing equation of system, the linear state space form is applied for designing control input. Linear quadratic regulator (LQR) is introduced to ensure the closed loop system stability and also precise trajectory tracking. In continuation, Linear Matrices Inequality (LMI) concept is employed to simplify the process of finding stabilizing gain. Some computer simulation is presented to show effectiveness of proposed method.
Keywords: optimal control, flexible link, manipulator, trajectory
To cite this article: Ehsan Badfar, Rohollah Abdollahi, “Trajectory Tracking of Rigid-Flexible Manipulator based on LMI Optimization Approach”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2019, vol. 67, no. 2, pp. 62-67, ISSN 1582-5175.