2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 2 | art. 1

Current Model Predictive Control Algorithm for Three-phase Multi-level H-Bridge Inverter

Attia RABIAI, Abdellah KOUZOU, Ahmed HAFAIFA
In the last years, multilevel inverter topologies have been introduced and considered for several applications, especially in medium and high power conversion. It was proved that these inverter topologies can ensure the generation of high-quality voltage waveforms based on power semiconductor switches that are operating at a frequency near the fundamental. Among the available multilevel inverter topologies, the H-bridge multilevel inverter constitutes a promising alternative, providing a modular design that can be extended to allow a transformer less power conversion. Based on more possible models that can be occurred in specified applications, where the independent control of the DC-link voltages and the control of the output currents are necessary. In order to properly operate H-bridge inverter a model predictive control (MPC) is presented in this paper because of the good dynamic, high performance, accurate current tracking capability and the finite set of inputs or possible switching combinations. On the other side, MPC becomes very attractive due to the advances in modern microprocessors, and actual available technologies. This study mainly analyses and verifies the current model predictive control (MPC) of a three-phase three-level H-bridge inverter. Indeed, the work presented in this paper is suitable and adequate solution, especially in application under medium and high power conversion with renewable energy sources in grid-connected applications or sensitive industrial plants applications to sudden power voltages partial failure or degradation.
Keywords: Model Predictive Control (MPC), Multilevel Inverter, H-bridge Inverter (HB), Discrete-time Model
To cite this article: RABIAI A., KOUZOU A., HAFAIFA A., “Current Model Predictive Control for Three-phase Multi-level H-Bridge inverter”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2019, vol. 67, no. 2, pp. 05-16, ISSN 1582-5175.