2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 1 | art. 9

Sustainable and Safe in Exploitation of Gas Networks. Part 2. Stress Factors of Metallic Pipelines

Ladislau RADERMACHER, Dániel LINGVAY, Adriana-Mariana BORȘ, Nicoleta Oana NICULA (BUTOI), Dorian MARIN
The stress factors that determine the durability and safety in the metallic pipelines exploitation from to gas networks have been analysed. Studies have shown that underground corrosion is a form of "cancer" of metallic pipelines but, with the current knowledge, which we have, this form can be 100 % preventable and treatable. This involves knowing the mechanisms of acting stressors, respectively implementation and tracking the methods and modern devices and performance protective. During metallic pipelines exploitation, isolated with organic protection layers, are exposed to a series of stresses — natural factors (chemical and microbiological environmental aggressiveness, solar radiation in the UV and IR spectra, lightning currents, lightning) and/or of anthropogenic origin (AC and DC stray currents, aggressive pollutants such as SO2, NOx, dust-overhead pipelines, solvents, hydrocarbons, petroleum products and/or fatty-underground pipelines). Under the simultaneous and synergistic action of stress factors, the insulation capacity of the protective layers deteriorates and increases the activity of micro and macro corrosion cells. In the global corrosion process, the microbiological stress produced by filamentous molds that degrade the organic insulation layers have a special contribution and by the metabolic products accelerate the corrosion processes. It is noted that microbiological activity, especially of filamentous molds, increases substantially in the case of pipeline disturbed by AC stray currents at power frequency and global corrosion is much accelerated (synergistic effect).
Keywords: gas networks, pipelines, corrosion, biocorrosion, stray currents, AC corrosion
To cite this article: RADERMACHER, L., LINGVAY D., BORS A.-M., NICULA (BUTOI) N. O., Marin D., “Sustainable and safe in exploitation of gas networks. Part 2. Stress factors of metallic pipelines”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2019, vol. 67 no. 1, pp. 68-75, ISSN 1582-5175.