2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 1 | art. 12

Energy Efficient and Video Quality Aware using EvalVSN in Wireless Video Sensor Networks

Yassine Baziz, Larbi Sekhri
In this paper, we propose a unified framework for transmitting video content over Wireless Video Sensor Networks (WVSN) using EvalVSN (Evaluation Video Sensor Network) tool. We use a multi-level approach, involving the application, network, and data link layers in order to reduce the overhead inherent to the layered design that is not adapted to WVSN characterized in particular by their limited resources in terms of energy, processing power, storage and especially bandwidth. It is therefore a question of proposing a unified framework that will allow more efficient video transport in WVSN. It adapts the application layer parameter of MMPEG encoder to current queue state and drops less important packets in case of network congestion according to packet type and priority. These packets are routed by the Tunneled Direct Link Setup (TDLS) protocol due to collisions and link failure to optimized bandwidth. Simulation results show that the unified framework using EvalVSN tool improves network’s performances in terms of energy efficiency and video quality.
Keywords: unified framework, WVSN, EvalVSN tool, multi-level approach, MMPEG, Energy, Video quality
To cite this article: Yassine Baziz, Larbi Sekhri, “Energy efficiency and video quality aware using EvalVSN in wireless video sensor networks”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2019, vol. 67, no. 1, pp. 90-98, ISSN 1582-5175.