2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 1 | art. 10

Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of Railroad Jointless Track Circuit

Wenyu Zhang, Baoge Zhang, Lanmin Xu, Donghao Wang, Gaowu Chang
A shunting state model of jointless track circuit is built based on piecewise equivalent ballast resistance. Based on the theory of two port network and uniform transmission line theory, the mathematical models of all components of the jointless track circuit are established. The expression of the amplitude envelope of the shunt current is obtained, the corresponding parameters were set, and amplitude envelope of shunt current is simulated of under the changing compensation capacitance and ballast resistance, then the influence on the amplitude envelope of shunt current is analysed. The optimal values of compensation capacitance are obtained by simulated annealing algorithm. Under the optimal values, the amplitude envelope curve of segmented shunt current is obtained. The simulation experiments show that the capacitance detection method based on simulated annealing algorithm can been detected accurately.
Keywords: piecewise equivalent; shunting state; amplitude envelope of shunt current; compensation capacitance; fault diagnosis
To cite this article: Wenyu Zhang, Baoge Zhang, Lanmin Xu, Donghao Wang, Gaowu Chang, “Modelling and fault diagnosis of railroad jointless track circuit”, in Electrotehnica, Electronica, Automatica (EEA), 2019, vol. 67, no. 1, pp. 76-82, ISSN 1582-5175.