2019 | vol. 67 | nr. 1 |

05-12 Polymer/Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Authors: Nadia Faliha Chalabi, Ahlam Guen-Bouazza
13-20 Photovoltaic Customer Generation as a Concept of Demand Side Management
Authors: Aziz Haffaf, Fatiha Lakdja, Djaffar Ould Abdeslam, Rachid Meziane
21-27 Improved Linear Quadratic Multimodel Optimal Controller for Variable-Speed Wind Turbine
Authors: Abdelkader Garmat, Messaouda Azzouzi, Bachir Bouchekima
28-34 Algebraic Observer Design for Switched Linear Systems applied to Multicellular Converters for estimating Capacitor Voltages
Authors: Kaouthar Haddadi, Noureddine Gazzam, Atallah Benalia
35-45 ANFIS Controller of Induction Machine with Switch Fault Inverter
Authors: Kheira Mendaz, Abdelber Bendaoud
46-53 Parameters Selection Criteria of Prony Method for Accurate Harmonics and Inter-Harmonics Components Identification
Authors: Ratiba Rabehi, Abdellah Kouzou, Slami Saadi, Ahmed Hafaifa
54-60 Influence of Mathematical Model Comprehensiveness on Distance Protection Setting of Transmission Lines
Authors: Igor RAZZHIVIN, Julius BAY, Anton KIEVETS, Alisher ASKAROV
61-67 Dielectric and Morphostructural Characterization of some Types of Polypropylene Composites / Metallic Nanopowders
Authors: Alina-Ruxandra CARAMITU, Virgil MARINESCU, Sorina MITREA, Mihaela ARADOAIE, George-Andrei URSAN
68-75 Sustainable and Safe in Exploitation of Gas Networks. Part 2. Stress Factors of Metallic Pipelines
Authors: Ladislau RADERMACHER, Dániel LINGVAY, Adriana-Mariana BORȘ, Nicoleta Oana NICULA (BUTOI), Dorian MARIN
76-82 Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of Railroad Jointless Track Circuit
Authors: Wenyu Zhang, Baoge Zhang, Lanmin Xu, Donghao Wang, Gaowu Chang
83-89 A Spatial Multiplexing Scheme of Overlapping Coverage Area for Single Frequency Networks
Authors: Feng Hu, Kaiyue Wang, Libiao Jin
90-98 Energy Efficiency and Video Quality Aware using EvalVSN in Wireless Video Sensor Networks
Authors: Yassine Baziz, Larbi Sekhri
101-114 Climate and Energy Governance at a Crossroad: Global, Regional and National Dimensions
Authors: Marina MEDVEDIEVA, Xenia SMIRNOVA
115-120 The Environment Impact on Materials used in Electrical Systems Authors: Andreea VOINA, Dániel LINGVAY, Dorian MARIN
121-127 Influence of Weather Factors on the Electric Network of Algeria Authors: Sihem Bouri, Abdelhalim Benmansour