Vol. 64 | nr. 1 | Ianuarie - Martie 2016 Articolul 7

A Swarm Algorithm Intelligent Optimization PSO in Power Network Real, West Algeria 220 kV
(Full text in English)

Youssef MOULOUDI, Mohammed Amine MEZIANE, Abdellah LAOUFI, Bousmaha BOUCHIBA, Othmane HARISI
This paper presents an efficient and reliable evolutionarybased approach to solve the optimal power flow (OPF) combinatorial problem. The proposed (PSO) Swarm Optimization algorithm with generating units having nonsmooth fuel costs curves while satisfying the constraints such as generator capacity limits, power balance, line flow limits, bus voltages and transformer tap setting. The conventional load flow and incorporation of the proposed method using PSO has been examined and tested for 22 bus in power network real, West Algeria. The PSO method is demonstrated and compared with conventional OPF method and the intelligence heuristic algorithm such as genetic algorithm, evolutionary programming. This method has been applied to the western part of the Algerian power network, and the simulation results have been found to be satisfactory compared with other results obtained using OPF. 
Keywords: optimal power flow, swarm optimization, power transmission losses, normalized incremental cost system, minimization