Vol. 64 | nr. 1 | Ianuarie - Martie 2016 Articolul 6

The Nonlinear and Unbalanced Loads Quantitative Impact on the Neutral Conductor Current
(Full text in English)

Lucian PETRESCU, Emil CAZACU and Maria-Cătălina PETRESCU
Nowadays, most of the industrial and domestic electric loads can be seen as nonlinear and unbalanced threephase circuits. These appliances, according to their specific requirements, may have or not the neutral conductor. For those with the neutral conductor, the corresponding current is not anymore to be considered insignificant and the neutral conductor should be accordingly designed. This paper presents a theoretical and practical approach of a neutral threephase network supplying common compact fluorescent lamps (devices with a pronounced nonlinear characteristic). The impact of the third and the multiple of 3 harmonics over the neutral current RMS and its harmonic spectrum will be further presented and discussed.   
Keywords: threephase circuits, nonlinear loads, unbalanced loads