Vol. 64 | nr. 1 | Ianuarie - Martie 2016 Articolul 15

Design of Quasi-Orthogonal STBCs with Full Rate and Full Diversity
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Feng HU, Libiao JIN, Shufeng LI
A novel quasiorthogonal space time block coding (QOSTBC) scheme that is capable of approaching the capacity of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna systems is proposed. In particular, an improved transmit strategy was proposed to achieve full rate and full diversity by symbol preprocessing. Furthermore, the proposed code benefits from the reduced maximum likelihood (ML) decoding complexity via linear and singlesymbol decodable detection, which is a huge simplification compared to the existing codes. Finally, the numerical results show the proficiency of our design procedure, demonstrating that the proposed codes outperform the partial diversity codes from QOSTBC designs at high SNRs. 
Keywords: full diversity, multipleinput multipleoutput, maximumlikelihood detection, quasiorthogonal space time block coding, symbol preprocessing