Vol. 64 | nr. 1 | Ianuarie - Martie 2016 Articolul 11

Sursă de tensiune controlată cu frecvență extrem de joasă pentru studii microbiologice
(Extremely Low Frequency Controlled Voltage Supply for Microbiological Studies)
(Full text in Romanian)

Daniel LIPCINSKI, Daniel LINGVAY, Elena RADU, Andreea VOINA
The impact of electromagnetic fields on biochemical processes is a complex issue, interdisciplinary and of great importance in the development and/or the improvement of some synthesis/biochemical technologies. In most biochemical reactions from the cell cytoplasm take part natural amino acids that can be excited in alternative electric field with frequency appropriate to relaxation times of these polar compounds (range of 2÷0.001 seconds). It had been designed, achieved and tested a sinusoidal voltage source in the extremely low frequency range (0.5÷200Hz)  corresponding to relaxation times of natural amino acids – with the voltage adjustable to 2600 Vvv, intended for in situ studies regarding the influence of electric fields on the biochemical processes of microbial cell cytoplasm. After testing of the assembling, had been resulted that synthesized and amplified sinusoidal signal has a good linearity, the amplifying phase providing an amplifying in the voltage between approx. × 10 times and × 25 times in the range 0,5 Hz÷10Hz, approx. × 26 times in the range 10 Hz ÷ 200 Hz, respectively.  
Keywords: microbial cultures, disturbing electric field, extremely low frequency, voltage supply