Vol. 64 | nr. 1 | Ianuarie - Martie 2016

Analytical Summary
07. Analiza armonicilor în curent ale unui convertizor de frecvență cu PWM pentru un motor asincron de medie tensiune
(Current Harmonics Analysis of a PWM Variable Frequency Drive designed for a Medium Voltage Asynchronous Motor)
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Authors: Laurențiu CIUFU, Mihai Octavian POPESCU
15. Adaptive Backstepping Order of Asynchronous Monophased Machine
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Authors: Mohammed ELMIR, Abderrahmane KECHICH, Brahim ZOUI
24. Nonlinear Integral Backstepping Control for Induction Motor drive with Adaptive Speed Observer using Super Twisting Strategy
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Authors: Mohamed HORCH, Abdelmadjid BOUMEDIENE, Lotfi BAGHLI
33. Noise and Vibrations of Switched Reluctance Machine Drives: Influence of Current Hysteresis Control
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42. Heterostructure nanowires/amorphous thin-film for solar cells
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Authors: Fatiha BENBEKHTI, Abdel Halim BENMANSOUR
48. The Nonlinear and Unbalanced Loads Quantitative Impact on the Neutral Conductor Current
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Authors: Lucian PETRESCU, Emil CAZACU and Maria-Cătălina PETRESCU
55. A Swarm Algorithm Intelligent Optimization PSO in Power Network Real, West Algeria 220 kV
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Authors: Youssef MOULOUDI, Mohammed Amine MEZIANE, Abdellah LAOUFI, Bousmaha BOUCHIBA, Othmane HARISI
61. Some Particular Aspects of Manufactured MEMS and their Reliability
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Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
70. Closed-Loop Handling Performance Evaluations for Heavy-Duty Vehicles using Driver-in-the-Loop Simulations
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Authors: Yiting KANG, Jinggao LIN, Jue YANG, Xuan ZHAO, Wenming ZHANG
79. Intelligent Control using Type-2 Fuzzy for Diagnosis of Inter-Turn Short Circuit Fault in PMSM
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Authors: Amar BECHKAOUI, Aissa AMEUR, Slimane BOURAS, Djamel TAIBI, Kahina OUAMRANE
89. Sursă de tensiune controlată cu frecvență extrem de joasă pentru studii microbiologice
(Extremely Low Frequency Controlled Voltage Supply for Microbiological Studies)
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Authors: Daniel LIPCINSKI, Daniel LINGVAY, Elena RADU, Andreea VOINA
The Quality of the Prediction for the NVIS Propagation with ITS-HF Propagation
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Authors: Iulian BOULEANU, Marius GHEORGHEVICI, Robert HELBET
105. Sensor Placement for Monitoring Systems Modelled by Bond Graph
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Authors: Mounira BENALLEL, Hafid HAFFAF, Abdelmadjid MEGHEBBAR
117. Fragmentarea selectivă cu impulsuri de înaltă tensiune: o tehnologie de vârf
(Selective Fragmentation by High Voltage Impulses – a Cutting-Edge Technology)
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Authors: Mihai BĂDIC, Jana PINTEA
128. Design of Quasi-Orthogonal STBCs with Full Rate and Full Diversity
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Authors: Feng HU, Libiao JIN, Shufeng LI
133. Disturbance Observer Based Approximate Linearization Control of Gun Launched MAV
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143. The Effect of Error Transmission on Compressed Image using Vector Quantization with Different Codebooks
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Authors: Iman ELAWADY, Abdelmounaim MOULAY LAKHDAR, Mohammed BELADGHAM, Yassine HABCHI, Abdesselam BASSOU
150. Experimental Validation of Travel Time Models for Multi Aisle Automated Storage and Retrieval System in Class-Based Storage
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Authors: Amina OUHOUD, Amine GUEZZEN, Zaki SARI
161. Mediul ambiant: obiectiv primordial pentru un viitor durabil (partea 2)
(Environment: Primordial Condition for a Sustainable Future) (Part 2)
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Authors: Eugeniu Alexandru STERE, Ionel POPA
177. Implementation of a Neural Classifier on a FPGA-based Reconfigurable System of Cardiac Arrhythmias
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Authors: Amel BABA HAMED, Hassane BECHAR, Mohammed Amine CHIKH