Vol. 63 | nr. 3 | Iulie - Septembrie 2015

Analytical Summary
07. The Analysis of Voltage Variation in Low Voltage Network
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Author: Bystrík DOLNÍK
16. Test System for the Emplacement of Photovoltaic Panels
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Author: Vlad-Cristian GEORGESCU
23. Nonlinear Sliding Mode Power Control of DFIG under Wind Speed Variation and Grid Connexion
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Authors: Mourad LOUCIF, Abdelmadjid BOUMEDIENE, Abdelkader MECHERNENE
33. Comparative Analysis in Properties of all Types of Z-Source Inverters
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Authors: Hongsheng SU, Hongjian LIN
44. Memristorul și câteva din aplicațiile sale
(The Memristor and its Applications)
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Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
51. Fault Detection in a Five Tank Hydraulic System
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Authors: Souad TAHRAOUI, Abdelmadjid MEGHEBBAR, Djamila BOUBEKEUR, Abdelmadjid BOUMEDIENE
60. The Inductive Coupling among Leads while measuring Resistance to Earth of Transmission Line Towers
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Authors: Balazs SMOHAI, Jozsef LADANYI
68. Influența câmpului electric de 50Hz asupra dezvoltării culturilor de Aspergillus niger
(The influence of the 50 Hz electric field on the development and maturation of Aspergillus niger)
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Authors: Elena RADU, Daniel LIPCINSKI, Nicolae TĂNASE, Iosif LINGVAY
75. Path Tracking Control for Autonomous Underground Mining Articulated Dump Truck
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Authors: Xuan ZHAO, Jue YANG, Lin LI, Wenming ZHANG, Jun ZENG
83. A Video-Based Fire Detector and Recognition Method
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Authors: Xuejun CHEN, Yongming YANG
91. Design of the Smart Bike Odometer
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Authors: Zhang JIANBO, Yin QUN
  Istoria Icpe - istoria electrotehnicii româneşti
101. Academicianul Cornel MICLOȘI: ilustru reprezentant al electrotehnicii românești
(The Academician Cornel MICLOȘI: an Illustrious Representative of the Romanian Electrical Engineering)
(full text in Romanian)

Author: Florin Teodor TĂNĂSESCU