Vol. 62 | nr. 4 | Octombrie - Decembrie 2014 Articolul 7

Incorporating TCSC into Power System Economic Dispatch using Cuckoo and Bat Algorithms
(full text in English)

Abdelhamid NAIMI, Abdelkhalek OTHMANE
Power system operation involves some kind of optimization for ensuring economy, security and stability. Economic Dispatch (ED) is one such optimization problems and it is applied for minimizing the total fuel cost. This paper aims to solve ED problem incorporating Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices using Cuckoo Search (CS) and Bat (BA) algorithms. Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC) based FACTS devices is considered to minimize the fuel cost function in the problem. The solutions are compared and tested on WSCC 9 bus and IEEE 14 bus systems.
Results show that CS algorithm produces better results than BA algorithm for solving ED problem with TCSC.
Keywords: economic dispatch (ED), FACTS, TCSC, cuckoo search algorithm (CS), bat algorithm (BA)