Vol. 62 | nr. 4 | Octombrie - Decembrie 2014 Articolul 3

Effects of Fault Conditions on Short-Circuit Calculation of a Transmission Line Compensated by Three Series
FACTS Devices
(full text in English)

Mohamed ZELLAGUI, and Abdelaziz CHAGHI
This paper presents the effect of three series Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS), i.e. Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), GTO Controlled Series Capacitor (GCSC) and Thyristor Controlled Series Reactor (TCSR) on the short circuit calculation of a 400 kV electric transmission line, in the presence of phase to earth fault with fault resistance.
The study deals with a 400 kV single transmission line in the Algerian Electrical Company compensated by three compensators connected at midpoint of the line to control reactive power and apparent transmission line reactance. The simulations results concern the effects of fault conditions, i.e. fault resistance varied between 0-50 Ω and fault location varied between 50%-100 % on the parameters of short circuit calculation. The results show also that care must be taken in order to increase the performance of system protection in the presence of series FACTS devices on transmission line, mainly the variation of fault current.
Keywords: series FACTS, phase to earth fault, fault conditions, fault resistance, short-circuit calculation, symmetrical components method, transmission line