Vol. 62 | nr. 4 | Octombrie-Decembrie 2014 Articolul 10

Adaptive Control Strategy Design on Preventive Maintenance
(full text in English)

Hongsheng SU, Yongqiang KANG
In view of the limitations that the optimal examining item do not have dynamic and real-time performance in the traditional preventive maintenance (PM) model of repairable devices, a dynamic and real-time control method on the checking rate is proposed based on the actual state of device. Some performance indexes of maintenance system including the steady-state availability and the mean time to failure (MTTF) are calculated and given out. And then a model reference adaptive control strategy (MRACS) on the checking rate is proposed based on hyperstability theory. The essence of the method is to achieve the expected steady-state behavior by controlling the dynamic behavior of the maintenance system by selecting the checking rates as control variable, which will guarantee reliable completion of the task and reduce maintenance cost. Researches indicate that the proposed method is very effective to improve the utilization of devices and provide theoretical support for the practical applications.
Keywords: reliability, checking rate, adaptive control strategy, hyperstability theory