Vol. 62 | nr. 4 | Octombrie - Decembrie 2014

Analytical Summary
11. Overvoltage Phenomena in Low Voltage Network
(full text in English)

Authors: Jaroslav DŽMURA, Marek HVIZDOŠ, Milan BERNÁT
18. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) for Lighting
(full text in Romanian)
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
28. Effects of Fault Conditions on Short-Circuit Calculation of a Transmission Line Compensated by Three Series FACTS Devices
(full text in English)
Authors: Mohamed ZELLAGUI, and Abdelaziz CHAGHI
38. The Role of Physics in the Development of Microelectronics (Part 5)
(full text in English)
Author: Eugen Ştefan LAKATOŞ
49. Hyperbolic and Parabolic Models for the Dynamics of Electromagnets
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Marius Aurel COSTEA, Florin Doru IOSIF, Miltiade CÂRLAN
55. Etat de l’art et tendances des dispositifs électroniques de puissance
(full text in French)

Author:Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
63. Incorporating TCSC into Power System Economic Dispatch using Cuckoo and Bat Algorithms
(full text in English)

Authors: Abdelhamid NAIMI, Abdelkhalek OTHMANE
70. Comparative Study between Two Topologies of an UPQC Six-Leg and an UPQC Seven-Leg
(full text in English)
Authors: Othmane ABDELKHALEK, Abdelrahmane KECHICH,
79. Calibration method of capacitive grating torque sensor based on phase difference
(full text in English)
Authors: Changxin CHEN, Tiehua MA, Hong JIN
86. Adaptive Control Strategy Design on Preventive Maintenance
(full text in English)
Authors: Hongsheng SU, Yongqiang KANG
93. Nonlinear Control in PMLSM Positioning by Estimated Load Force by MRAS Method
(full text in English)
Authors: Maamar YAHIAOUI, Abdelrrahmene KECHICH,
Ismail Khalil BOUSERHANE
101. Chained Extended Kalman Filter based on FOC in Speed Sensorless Control
(full text in English)
Author: Fang XIE
107. Collaborative Modeling and Control of a 3-DOF Permanent Magnet Spherical Motor
(full text in English)
Author: Xiwen GUO
115. Official Adoption of the Sustainable Development Programme
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Eugeniu Alexandru STERE, Ionel POPA