Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014 Article 7

Design of Optimal Design System of Axial-Flow Cooling Fan in Vehicle based on SUMT
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Wei ZHANG, Wenming ZHANG, Ye YAO, Miaomiao GUO
Based on the premise of meeting the radiator’s requirements for the air flow and pressure, it is necessary to reduce the energy consumption of the cooling fan from the engine. Through analyzing the performance parameters of the automotive cooling fan, mathematical model and equality and inequality constraints were established. The sequential unconstrained minimization technique (SUMT) was used to optimize design of engine cooling fan, and it is adopted in the conversion of constrained optimization problem into unconstrained optimization problem. Compared with the results without optimized, energy consumption of optimal design through wind tunnel test is reduced. The result shows that in guarantee under the premise of air volume and air pressure requirement, optimization of the related parameters of cooling system can reduce energy consumption.
Keywords: SUMT, optimum design system, axial-flow fan, mathematical model, energy consumption