Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014 Article 6

Expert Diagnose System and Real-Time Monitoring of an Electric Power Installation
(full text in English)

Cristina Gabriela SĂRĂCIN, Mihai Octavian POPESCU
This paper presents an expert system that performs the isolation and the subsequent reconfiguration of the power supply to a section of railroad track in the event of an electric malfunction on the contact line. The proposed expert system falls under the category of real-time diagnosis and monitoring systems. The diagnosis process consists of the automated analysis of the grid and the recommendation of solutions to correct any identified faults. The solutions are chosen from a customized database built as a result of different queries. The real-time and simulation operation modes were used to validate the system functionality. In the "real time" mode, the activation of assistance procedures is performed after monitoring status of the protections within power substations. In the "simulation" mode, the assistance’s activation is achieved by selecting a line and imposing a fault condition on it.
Keywords: expert system, monitoring, diagnose, electric installations