Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014 Article 18

An Integrated Node Selection Model for Parallel Transmission Service
(full text in English)

Chunmao JIANG, Guoyin ZHANG, Wei GAO
All kinds of parallel transmission algorithms based on multi-replica can be used to improve the QoS of data grid. How to select replica nodes to optimize grid node and network bandwidth resource is an important problem needed to be solved. To satisfy the transmission time constraint for service request, taking into account the network load and services tolerance, two basic models are proposed first. The models separately take minimum transmission time and network load as the optimization objectives. An integrated model is proposed, by putting forward a tolerance function based on basic models, taking network load and tolerance functions as optimization objective, introducing a weighting factor to balance the two functions. In simulative experiments various parameters in the model were detected, and good results are achieved in decision-making. It shows that the models are correct and effective.
Keywords: resource reservation; resource capacity; slack time; parallel speedup rate