Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014 Article 17

Evolutionary Analysis of E-Government Platform based on the Integration of Urban and Rural Areas
(full text in English)

There is a giant gap between urban and rural areas in China, and to further narrow the gap by building rural e-Government platform for improving management efficiency of rural government has been the important state policy of Chinese government. After reviewing and comparing research status of e-government at home and abroad, this paper points out there are few research in accordance with Chinese rural conditions, especially in the integration of urban and rural areas of e-Government. Based on the ideal of integration of urban and rural areas in China and modern management theories of e-government and e-commerce, this paper begins with an exploratory research on designing and planning e-government platform from 4 respects: design idea, topological structure, functional structure, and implement stages. Besides, it puts forward a novel evolutionary model with four mapping approaches, and correspondingly gives out some effective suggestions for developing and constructing e-government in rural areas.  At present, partial fruits of the research has been applied in Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, and experimentation result is robust, and also an innovation.
Keywords: e-government, integration of urban and rural areas, mapping approaches, platform, evolutionary model