Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014 Article 16

Design of Power Line Carrier Communication System based on FSK-KQ330 Module
(full text in English)

Yin QUN, Zhang JIANBO (corresponding author)
The power line carrier communication system is designed based on a FSK-KQ330 (carrier modulation and demodulation module). The system uses STC microcontroller as the core processor and uses FSK-KQ330 as the modem module. The system includes the zero-crossing detecting circuit, the magnifying circuit of triodes, the resonant circuit and the transformer isolation circuit. Master-slave system can transmit data signals over power lines. It can be applied not only to intelligent home system, but also can be used for the remote control of the intelligent switch and the intelligent equipment.
Keywords: FSK-KQ330, power line carrier communication, STC microcontroller