Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014 Article 15

Design of Public Regional Emergency Communication System based on RS485
(full text in English)

Zhang JIANBO, Yin QUN (corresponding author)
This design is mainly composed of RS485 communication network systems, host control systems and slave control system. The RS485 communication network system is mainly to complete the transmission of data. Host control system uses STC12C5A60S2 SCM as the core processor. The host machine gets information from the slave machine and displays the corresponding slave machine position and alarm contents via LCD screen. Slave control system uses STC11F04E SCM as the core processor and achieves acquisition and transmission of the alarm signal. The design is mainly to solve the data interference of the multi-machine communication and achieve the data communication of multi-MCU through the RS485 bus. It achieves long-distance data transmission through RS485 bus .When the sensors and alarm devices are far away, multi-machine communication systems can communicate properly.
Keywords: RS485, single-chip microcontroller, alarm signals