Vol. 62 | no. 3 | July - September 2014

Analytical Summary
11. Computer Aided Measurement System for the Caracterization of Limited Angle Torque Motors
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Mihail-Iulian ANDREI, Mircea MODREANU, Mihai GUŢU, Liviu GHIŢULESCU
18. A New Concept of Electric Vehicle Charging Station
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Bogdan Dumitru VĂRĂTICEANU, Nicolae MOCIOI, Constantin NICOLESCU
26. Comparative Study among four Regulators of Continuous Voltage of UPQC Converters
(full text in English)
Authors: Abdelkader RAHMOUNI, Chellali BENACHAIBA
36. Inkjet Technologies: Progresses and Trends
(full text in English)
Author: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
47. Change of Dielectric Parameters of XLPE Cable due to Thermal Aging
(full text in English)

Authors: Martin GERMAN-SOBEK, Roman CIMBALA, Jozef KIRÁLY
54. Expert Diagnose System and Real-Time Monitoring of an Electric Power Installation
(full text in English)

Authors:Cristina Gabriela SĂRĂCIN, Mihai Octavian POPESCU
61. Design of Optimal Design System of Axial-Flow Cooling Fan in Vehicle based on SUMT
(full text in English)

Authors: Wei ZHANG, Wenming ZHANG, Ye YAO, Miaomiao GUO
70. The Role of Physics in the Development of Microelectronics (Part 4)
(full text in English)
Author: Eugen Ştefan LAKATOŞ
84. Experimental Reactor for the Study of Biochemical Processes under Electric Fields
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Mónika LINGVAY, PhD Levente CZUMBIL
90. Ageing of Transformer Ferrofluid Oil as to Capacitance in Frequency Domain at Initial Stage of Ageing
(full text in English)
Authors: Roman CIMBALA, Jozef KIRÁLY, Martin GERMAN-SOBEK
96. Electromagnetic Screens Multilayer for Electronic Devices
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Florin Doru IOSIF, Marius Aurel COSTEA
103. Maximum Power Point Tracking based on Backstepping Control of Wind Turbine
(full text in English)
Authors: Mourad LOUCIF, Abdelmadjid BOUMEDIENE, Abdelkader MECHERNENE
110. Electromagnetic Interference Phenomena and How to Reduce Crosstalk on a Printed Circuit Board
(full text in Romanian)
Author: Roxana ROŞCA
117. A multi-Agent Information Retrieval System
(full text in English

Author: Weiwei JIAO
126. Design of Public Regional Emergency Communication System based on RS485
(full text in English)

Authors: Zhang JIANBO, Yin QUN (corresponding author)
135. Design of Power Line Carrier Communication System based on FSK-KQ330 Module
(full text in English)

Authors: Yin QUN, Zhang JIANBO (corresponding author)
143. Evolutionary Analysis of E-Government Platform based on the Integration of Urban and Rural Areas
(full text in English)

154. An Integrated Node Selection Model for Parallel Transmission Service
(full text in English)

Authors: Chunmao JIANG, Guoyin ZHANG, Wei GAO
162. A giant of the Romanian Theater
(full text in Romanian)
Author: Mihai PETROVICI