Vol. 62 | no. 2 | April - June 2014 Article 4

An intelligent PI Speed Controller for 4WD Urban Electric Vehicle
(full text in English)

Brahim GASBAOUI, Abdelfatah NASRI, Moustapha RAHLI, Abdelkader CHAKER
Currently, the researchers of electric vehicle devote their time to minimize the time of starting and the acceleration of the electric vehicles. To undergo this problem, a PI controller to optimize the harmony search (PI-HS) was proposed. The electric vehicle utilizes four separately induction motors for motion. Harmony search is used to tune the PI controller gains to ensure optimal performance of 4WD electric vehicle and the system performances. The electronic differential system ensures the robust control of the vehicle behavior on the road computer simulations, and demonstrates that compared with conventional PI controller, this optimized PI controller has best performances for speed controller and it is very effective in improving overshooting errors and setting time.
Keywords: electric vehicle , electronic differential, PI controller, harmony search, direct torque control