Vol. 62 | no. 2 | April - June 2014 Article 13

Photovoltaic system simulation
(full text in English)

Cristian ANDREI
In this paper, it is presented the comparative simulation of three types of photovoltaic systems. These are: photovoltaic system with fixed montage, photovoltaic system assembled on one axis trakker and system assembled on two axis trakker. The simulation was performed using HOMER application, a simulation data program necessary for the design of renewable energy systems both networked and remote network. The photovoltaic systems simulated in the current paper are connected to the power network. When achieving the simulations, the conclusion was that the photovoltaic systems efficiency can be improved, if,while designing a photovoltaic system, several aspects are taken into account: photovoltaic system location, high quality equipment of the photovoltaic system, and photovoltaic panel installation on guidance systems.
Keywords: photovoltaic system, electric energy, trakker, power, efficiency