Vol. 62 | no. 2 | April - June 2014 Article 10

An Approach to Determining the Actuating Time for DC fed Electromagnets
(full text in Romanian)

Marius Aurel COSTEA, Anton SOLOI, Alexandru COSTEA
This paper presents an efficient method to determine the actuating time of DC fed electromagnets. In order to acheive it, the motion equation of the moving armature was solved using a numerical integration method. This method is illustrated by applying it to an E-E type electromagnet for which the velocity and the actuation time of the moving armature is determined, the results are obtained by theoretical methods. The attraction force applied to the moving armature was calculated using the finit element analysis software FEMM 2D for stationary conditions of the magnetic field in nonlinear media. The initial velocity of the moving armature was obtained considering the transient conditions of the feeding current, thus illustrating a comprehensive model for the determination of the dynamic behaviour of the studied electromagnet.
Keywords: nonlinear media, magnetic force, transient regime, actuating time and velocity