Vol. 62 | no. 1 | January - March 2014 Article 7

Torsion Vibration Measurement on Rotating Shaft System using Differential Round Capacitive Grating
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Yanbing ZHANG, Tiehua MA
Aimed at the problems existing in torsion vibration measurement on rotating shaft system, such as narrow space, installation difficulty, attachment inconvenience, a torsion vibration measuring method based on differential rounded capacitive grating is presented and the designed test system. By designing capacitive grating structure scientifically and reasonably, the torsion vibration measurement on rotating shaft system is achieved by the cyclic variation of a pair of differential capacitance and phase difference. Experimental results show that the real-time and accurate non-contact measurement of the torsion angle, angular velocity and torsion vibration has been realized, in which no slip ring, wireless communication, wireless power or connecting wire with rotating parts are required. This technology provides a new idea to measure the torsion vibration on rotating shaft system. This system has the advantages such as small volume, low power consumption, strong anti-jamming ability, non-contact measurement, etc. It has been successfully applied to the tumbler torsion vibration test system of an aircraft ground simulation test bench.
Keywords: rotating shaft system, torsion vibration, differential round capacitive grating, phase difference, non-contact measurement