Vol. 62 | no. 1 | January - March 2014 Article 6

PD Acoustic Response in Oil-Filled Transformers
(full text in English)

In oil-filled transformers, partial discharges generate electromagnetic impulses which energy is transformed into mechanical energy in the form of pressure waves. For the purpose of power transformer diagnostics, several different approaches are used to partial discharges in insulating system. Theory of acoustic waves, generated by partial discharges (PDs) in power transformers, and the PD acoustic emission and methods of detection are described. Two types of waves are discussed, which can be used for non-destructive testing of power transformer insulating system. The principle of PD source localization by means of acoustic range wave detection is described. Experimental procedure applied to 110 kV power transformer and results are presented.
Keywords: partial discharges, acoustic emission, power transformer