Vol. 62 | no. 1 | January - March 2014 Article 4

Emulated and Optimized Mcpherson Suspension Movement in Lagrangian Multiplier Method
(full text in English)

Chao DAI, Jihui LIANG
The reasonable geometric parameters are an important factor to guarantee that the suspension have good kinematics characteristics. The kinetic equation of suspension is established and the changes of the suspension positional parameters in the process of wheel bouncing are set based on the kinematics analysis on the suspension and its guide mechanism by taking the Mcpherson independent suspension of some automobile as the object of study and the ADAMS software of virtual prototype as the application platform; and analyze one by one the variables that are possible to influence the suspension positioning parameters in order to find out the variable that has the greatest impact on the optimized target parameter according to the results of theoretical analysis; and implement the optimization of all the suspension positional parameters by way of revising one or more variables one by one. In the process of optimization, the variables that has a little impact on other positional parameters should be revised as far as possible, which ensure that the optimized parameters will not change with the following optimization, in order to gain the reasonable curve of suspension positional parameters and determine the data of suspension hard spots in the end
Keywords: lagrangian multiplier method, ADAMS, Mcpherson, emulation analysis, optimization design