Vol. 62 | no. 1 | January - March 2014

Analytical Summary
09. Mechanical Design and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Rotors used in High-Speed Synchronous Motor
(full text in English)

Authors: Bogdan Dumitru VĂRĂTICEANU, Paul MINCIUNESCU, Daniel FODOREAN
18. The Analysis of Local Failure Effect on Electric Field Distribution in Solid HV Insulation
(full text in English)
Author: Bystrík DOLNÍK
26. Numeric Modeling of a Two-Channel Limited Angle Torque Motor
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Mircea MODREANU, Mihail-Iulian ANDREI
32. Emulated and Optimized Mcpherson Suspension Movement in Lagrangian Multiplier Method
(full text in English)
Authors: Chao DAI, Jihui LIANG
39. Thermoelectric Generator Pulse Operated
(full text in English)

Authors: Marin NEDELCU, Marian APOSTOL, Viorel Şerban STANCIU, Ion BÂRSAN
46. PD Acoustic Response in Oil-Filled Transformers
(full text in English)

Author: Juraj KURIMSKÝ
52. Torsion Vibration Measurement on Rotating Shaft System using Differential Round Capacitive Grating
(full text in English)

Authors: Yanbing ZHANG, Tiehua MA
58. The Efficiency of the Backstepping Control without Speed Sensor applied to the Induction Motor Voltage Supplied
(full text in English)
Authors: Othmane BOUGHAZI, Abdelmadjid BOUMEDIENNE,
65. Aspects of the Wind Turbine Reliability
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Titu-Marius I. BĂJENESCU
71. The Role of Physics in the Development of Microelectronics (Part 2)
(full text in English)

Eugen Ştefan LAKATOŞ
84. Compact Fluorescent Lamps: a Viable Solution even now
(full text in Romanian)

Constantin IVANOVICI, Ionel POPA, Gheorghe GHIUR, Viorel IONESCU
97. A Novel Method to improve the Visual Quality of Biomedical Image Compression using Discreet Bandelet Transform based on Lifting Scheme and SPIHT Coder
(full text in English)

Authors: Mohammed BELADGHAM, Yassine HABCHI, Abdelmouneim Moulay LAKHDAR, Abdesselam BASSOU
105. Surgical Virtual Reality: Highlights in Developing a Surgical Haptic Device
(full text in English)

113. Preliminaries of the Durable Development
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Ionel POPA, Eugeniu Alexandru STERE,
Sanda Liana COTESCU
130. The silence Prince gowned in nobility and modesty: Emil BOTTA
(full text in Romanian)

Author: Mihai PETROVICI