Vol. 61 | no. 1 | January - March 2013

Analytical Summary
07. Advances and Trends in Photovoltaics (PV)
(full text in English)

Author: Titu-Marius I. B√JENESCU
14. Inductive Sensor Parameters Important for Partial Discharge Measurement
(full text in English)
Authors: Jozef BALOGH, Jaroslav PETRÁŠ
19. Influence of Z-2p Combination on the PMSM Performances
(full text in English)
Authors: Tiberiu TUDORACHE, Bogdan Daniel DUMITRU, Mircea MODREANU
25. Some New Features of SCAPS 2902 Used for Optimisation of CdS-CdTe Thin-Film Photovoltaic Cell Structure
(full text in English)
Authors: Cristian DUMITRACHE, Nicolae OLARIU, Eugen ™t. LAKATO™, Gabriela M√NTESCU, Liviu OLTEANU, Mihaela BADEA
31. Utilization of Solar Systems
(full text in English

Authors: Jozef BALOGH, Jaroslav PETRÁŠ, Pavol HOCKO
35. Ways to Improve the Products Durability
(full text in English)

Author: Titu-Marius I. B√JENESCU
43. The influence of 50Hz electric field to dielectric permittivity of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) suspensions
(full text in Romanian)

Authors: Mónika LINGVAY, Cristina STANCU, Ilona SZATMÁRI, Iosif LINGVAY
48. Structure Optimization of Hybrid Circuit Breaker for DC Circuits
(full text in Romanian)
Authors: Adrian MARIN, Mihai O. POPESCU
55. The change, is it a risk? [An essay about entropy and the risks of change]
(full text in
Author: Floarea VASILE
61. The Phenomena of Capacitive Coupling at the Surface of PCBs
(full text in English)

Author: Alina Elena DUMITRU (RADU)
67. Methods for Measuring the Quality Projects
(full text in Romanian)

Author: Ana Maria IFRIM
72. Book Review: Mecanisme de defectare ale componentelor electronice
Authors: Titu-Marius I. B„jenescu, Marius I. Bâzu
73. AUTHORS’ LIST (papers printed in 2012)