Vol. 60 | nr. 4 | October - December 2012 Article 9

High Efficiency, Pulse Operated Thermo-Electric Generator used to Power Electric Cars
(full text in English)

This papaer propose a new thermo-electric generator and customized operating regime yielding significant improvements in power/volume, cost/performance and energy efficiency over conventional limitations of traditionally thermo-electric devices. Our new devices are based on traditionally thermo-electric materials and a new and revolutionary design of thermo-electric unit and pulse (Non Steady-State) operation. For car needs we propose a green technology heating using gas or liquid fuels for heating and air or liquid for cooling. Being a DC power source this TEG can be connected in series to increase the voltage in agreement with car needs or can be used a special DC-AC up converter to convert DC low voltage - high current power source into AC high voltage – low current power source.
Keywords: thermo-electric generator, high efficiency, pulse operation, green source, electric cars