Vol. 60 | nr. 4 | October - December 2012 Article 10

Results obtained by the Romanian partners for the frame of FP5 European project - ELMAS - Hybrid Vehicles
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As a partner in ELMAS – “ENK6-CT1999-00017 – New High Efficiency Electric Machines Solutions for Mild Hybrid Applications”, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest and also ICPE SA and Electrotehnica SA acting as subcontractors were involved in the research of new technical solutions to be used in development of a hybrid vehicle. The project was coordinated by Centro Ricerche Fiat (Italia) Other partners were: University of Sheffield (UK), Politecnico di Torino (Italia), Volvo Technology (Sweden), Aachen University Of Technology (Germany) Switched Reluctance Drives LTD (UK). The Romanian partners were in charge of: design and manufacture of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, design and manufacture of power inverter, control of the motor and inverter through a CAN bus. In this article will be presented the results obtained by romanian partners.
Keywords: hybrid electric vehicle, brushless synchronous motor, Nd–Fe-Br permanent magnets, IGBT inverter, CAN bus