Vol. 60 | nr. 1 | January - March 2012 Article 9

Semi-products obtained by solid state diffusion for electrical contacts
(full text in Romanian)

Violeta TSAKIRIS, Elena ENESCU, Magdalena LUNGU, Lucia LEONAT, Delia PATROI


For obtaining of contact materials used for electrical switching devices, one important condition is the realization of a good bonding on contact supports which are from massive Cu. For bonding on Cu support, the contact materials must have a bonding layer which is usually made of silver. This is obtained by a simultaneous pressing of a Ag powder layer and of a Ag-MeO powder mixture layer.This paper presents the experimental results regarding the obtaining of semi-products by diffusion bonding of the Ag-MeO composite and Ag sheet. Such realized junction corresponds to drastic demands imposed by working conditions of the electrical contacts used in air low voltage switching devices.

Keywords: diffusion, electrical contacts, junction, bonding, composite material